Today: How your field technicians can leave a good impression   When your mechanic offers roadside assistance to a broken-down vehicle that he is unfamiliar with, or when your field tech is t ...

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Slow Down – New Work needs a healthy attitude towards time

Time is money. And it always has been. Especially for service providers who charge by the hour. 30 years ago, people would bang out five letters on a typewriter and then wait days for an answer. N ...

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Wissensmanagement Lösung

SABIO honored as one of the 20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2017

SABIO has been awarded as one of the 20 Most Promising Knowledge Management Solution Providers 2017 by CIO Review, a print magazine for enterprise solutions. Over the last few months, CIOReview ha ...

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Knowledge Work

Digitalization and the modern workplace — making knowledge work more productive

Digital work is not necessarily productive. Computers, software, and the internet do make a lot of things easier. They increase the amount of knowledge available, but also the complexity of both s ...

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How to use Social Media for your Knowledge Management

Social media platforms from Facebook to Snapchat are an integral part of everyday life for many people and businesses. They let everyone communicate with each other. It’s a principle that leads to ...

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Sechskniffe1 En

6 Tips for Successful Knowledge Management

Technology isn’t everything. Successful knowledge management also requires the proper method. We show you the six most important factors for successful knowledge management. They will allow ...

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Kundenservice Neu

Knowledge management as a success factor for customer service

A business can have service offerings everywhere you look, run by the best contact center agents. But if the knowledge management behind the customer service is shaky, it can count against you and ...

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Wie Sie Ihren Kundenservice Automatisieren

How to automate your customer service

Everyone knows the situation. You’ve got a question about a product, and you want a quick answer. It can be over the telephone, via email, in an app, online in a chat, or at the store in per ...

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Welcome Change! Warum Unternehmen Einen Kulturwandel Brauchen

Welcome CHANGE!

With digitalization in full swing, the days of control freaks and micromanaging executives are over. Trust and collaboration are the new currencies of the modern workplace. But managers often see ...

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New Work Die Neue Art Des Arbeitens

A brave new working world requires new skills

Full-time employees spend more time at work than they do with friends and family. That’s not going to change. But the location and type of work people do has become more varied — digital technolog ...

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