Web Self Service Easier03

Making web self-service easier than ever before

Our team of developers and product managers are working to improve SABIO all the time for our customers. The latest new feature added makes it quicker and easier for your customers to access the r ...

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Produktentwicklung Bei Sabio

Product development at SABIO –
What does a Product Manager / Product Owner do?

For whom do we develop our software?   Of course, we develop SABIO for our customers, because they use the software. Consequently, they are the ones who know best what we should focus on in t ...

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Why colleagues or customers stop using your knowledge base

There is a good reason for everything. Also for not doing, supporting, using something. But then you should be aware of the reasons. An overview from the perspective of a SABIO Consultant.   ...

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About wardrobes, tidiness and knowledge management

Imagine buying a huge wardrobe like Pax equipped with all the trimmings: many drawers, shelves, clothes rails, pull-out trouser holders and all the other storage systems available. And then you gr ...

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Kontrollierten Wissenstransfer

The anti-silo philosophy, or how to lay the foundation for formal knowledge transfer

In our last blog post, I described what formal knowledge transfer looks like as opposed to informal knowledge transfer. So how can I get formal knowledge transfer set up, you may be wondering? Wha ...

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Formal versus informal knowledge transfer – there’s no substitute for structure

When a coach conducts a workshop, a teacher gives a lesson, or a university student reads a book in the library, knowledge transfer is happening—within a clear structure. Most of the time, teacher ...

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Abstract Ai Art 355948

Knowledge transfer within companies – Knowledge isn’t power, it’s success

This is what things would look like in a perfect world: Whenever one employee learns something, their co-workers would automatically have access to the new knowledge. When an employee leaves the c ...

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The role of the company knowledge manager

Good knowledge management is a huge success factor for both employees and customers. Unfortunately, it’s not something that happens spontaneously. Someone has to take the initiative to get things ...

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Knowledge management and change management – taking the buzzwords with a grain of salt

Knowledge is power, the hive mind, killer apps, managing fear and resistance, winning over hearts and minds… We all know these well-worn phrases. They sound vaguely positive—but examined more clos ...

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Sabio Ist Ein Unternehmen Der Serviceware

Serviceware SE acquires SABIO GmbH

Dear customers, Dear partners and friends, We have big news that I want to share with you personally: On Monday I have sold all shares in SABIO GmbH to Serviceware SE in Bad Camberg.   Servic ...

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