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Offer self-service options for happier customers

Provide information directly to your customers, employees, and sales representatives.

SELF SERVICE – Always and everywhere available for your customers

Make things as easy as possible for your customers by giving them answers to context-based questions right where they need them. Offering powerful self-service options makes a big impact in several areas.


Reduce the volume of service center requests


Increase your conversion rate


Increase customer satisfaction

Self-service — let customers access your knowledge anytime, anywhere

Customers keep expecting better and better service from companies. These expectations cover everything from the number of communication channels you use to the availability of your support services. The customer decides when they need assistance — and how they would like to receive it.

With SABIO, you can give them exactly what they want. That can be dynamic FAQ content, context-based help, or a self-service portal. Other knowledge management vendors use standard interfaces for their databases. Often, the performance of these interfaces is not sufficient, and customers end up having a poor experience.

SABIO has completely redefined the customer experience. With our specially-designed interfaces, you can offer content from SABIO at every touchpoint while providing outstanding performance and stability.

Online Umstatz

Increase your online revenue

If you’re selling a product or service online, your conversion rate is one of the most important metrics. Perhaps the most important of all. A large portion of abandoned carts are left behind by would-be buyers who have unanswered questions during the checkout process or about product details. They may be forced to use a static FAQ page, a chat window, or the service hotline to get answers. All these options have disadvantages and increase your risk of losing the sale.

When you use SABIO, you bring relevant knowledge right into the user’s context. That allows customers to get direct answers without leaving the order process. Talk about powerful conversion optimization.

Chatbot integration

Chatbots are only useful when the analysis of user intent and their choice of response match perfectly. To ensure a chatbot can provide consistent replies, it needs to have access to the right content for the respective channel.

Using a high-performance SABIO interface, the chatbot can search the knowledge base and return perfectly matching content in response to user questions.