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Now, your knowledge will be available wherever you need it.


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The SABIO Integrator changes the way you work

SABIO Integrator is the latest development in the field of knowledge management and makes using SABIO even easier.

By installing this new browser add-on, you can take knowledge from your SABIO system and put it into any web application — with no extra hardware or development costs. Continue to use your tried-and-true applications, and SABIO Integrator analyzes relevant information in the background. You select the criteria that determine how the system works. Search results appear automatically according to the context of the application. A new era of efficiency awaits you.

Automatic search

Access the SABIO Integrator from as many applications as you need to. Within the context of the application, previously specified data are automatically analyzed in the background and presented in anticipation of user needs.

Contextual browser search

First highlight the term on the website that you would like to search for in your SABIO knowledge base. Then right click to select the search command in the browser’s context menu, and the search results appear.

Manual search

With the intelligent, high-performance SABIO search feature in Integrator, you can search all the content and documents stored in your SABIO system at any time. Use the following options according to your needs:

Key benefits at a glance


SABIO integrates with any web application without generating any additional hardware or development costs.


Customer satisfaction increases because you can process customer requests much faster.


Employeeproductivity rises because your staff can find knowledge faster.

Immer Up To Date

Keep users up-to-date at all times

Knowledge is constantly changing. That’s why a knowledge base is only as useful as the fresh content and updates it receives. To make sure your users are always up-to-date on the latest developments, SABIO Integrator sends out notifications whenever there are updates.


Der SABIO Integrator kann mit allen webbasierten Applikationen genutzt werden.

"Before, employees had to switch between different applications to search the SABIO system. Those days are gone. Users can now access knowledge stored in a SABIO knowledge base without leaving their current application."
Christian Pesch, Head of Innovation


What do I need so I can use SABIO Integrator?
All you need is an existing SABIO system and your login information. You can get started as soon as we receive your order and activate the required licenses. SABIO Integrator is a browser plug-in. Using the integrator currently is possible using either the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Browser.

Can I activate just a portion of my licenses?
The SABIO Integrator is a product upgrade that can only be activated for all existing licenses at once.

How do I activate the SABIO Integrator?
To place your order, please send an email to . Once you’ve submitted your order, we’ll activate all your licenses.

Which languages is SABIO Integrator available in?
SABIO Integrator is available in German and English.

Which browsers does Integrator work with?
Integrator is currently available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. A Version for Firefox is planned.

Where can I download Integrator?
You can download the SABIO Integrator from either the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft Edge Extension Store. You’ll find our browser plugin by searching for SABIO Integrator. Just install it right from your Chrome or your Edge browser.

How do I install SABIO Integrator?
You can install SABIO Integrator in just four easy steps:

  • Ensure that you already have the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser installed
  • Install the browser plugin from the Chrome Web Store or the Microsoft Edge Extension Store
  • Request activation of the Integrator by sending an email to Our SABIO team is here to help if you have any questions.
  • You’ll need to enter your SABIO login information and the domain name of your SABIO system.