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360 Degree Self-Service

Knowledge where you need it – at the right time in the right context


Available for your clients: anytime and anywhere

People's expectations of a company's customer service are constantly growing – from the variety of communication channels to the services themselves. Your customers decide for themselves when they need help and how they want to receive it.


"The Best Service Is No Service."

Bill Price and David Jaffe, Buchautoren

So get out of the waiting loop and into self-determined clarification of questions! Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and your service quality. Make your customers happy even before they have contacted you! With a powerful customer self-service, you empower your customers to help themselves!

With smart knowledge management and real-time analysis right from the content creation stage, you get the most out of the quality of the information and use it efficiently in the complete range of channels and types of presentation:

  • dynamic FAQs
  • AI-based chatbots
  • context-based help
  • complete self-service portals

contact rate reduction in the service center


increase in conversion rate in
checkout processes and application flows


increase in customer satisfaction

Context is king!


Knowledge at the right time in the right context

Widgets – the lean web solution outside of IT or dev projects

Save IT and development budget and use our widgets for context-sensitive knowledge integration onto your website and your intranet!


Icon Quick expansion
Quick expansion

With the help of Knowledge widgets, you expand your customer self service in no time.

Icon Easy integration
Easy integration

Pre-built modules/widgets are easily integrated into your existing website with short code snippets.

Icon  Individual customization
Individual customization

The connection to your Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO) system is instant and you are free to use css styling according to your design preferences.


A lot of your customers' inquiries that come in via a contact form don't have to be sent at all. While a customer is still composing a message to you, we use powerful artificial intelligence (AI) to match the free text with entries in your knowledge database in real time. We instantly provide on-the-spot solution suggestions that often already solve the problem. Through your proactive and tailored support, your customers find the answers to their questions in a self-determined way. Win-win!


  • This reduces the number of customer service contacts and
  • at the same time, you increase the number of orders placed online.


Online Umstatz

Service doesn't just start with complaint management! As soon as you sell a product or service online, conversion rate comes into play. Often abandoned purchases and neglected shopping carts are due to the fact that people are left alone with their questions at the decisive moment – in the checkout process. Few people actively search for answers on static FAQ pages, via chat, or by calling customer service. Most simply abandon the process. Opportunity lost!

With Serviceware Knowledge, you bring relevant knowledge into the relevant context so that customers can get their questions answered directly without aborting the ordering process. Fast closings through conversion optimization par excellence.

The Solution Bot - smart answers via messenger

Chatbots that convey knowledge based on artificial intelligence (AI) have long been a mainstay of customer self-service. Guided dialogs are only the starting point. With the Serviceware Solution Bot, customers get the right answers from your knowledge database to their free text questions.

AI-based help in the right context for real questions from real people. And if the request is too specific or new, the solution bot ensures a smooth transition to the live chat experience with a human soul from your service team.

  • Guided help in dialog form
  • AI-powered answers to free text questions
  • Handover to live chat

The self-service portal for FAQs – the customized solution for your specific needs

Meet your clients' questions on the web with a portal full of answers!

  • With the FAQ portal as a central point of contact, you have the right answer at hand for your customers' frequent questions.
  • You maintain all information centrally and exactly once in Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO).
  • With our interface consumer REST-API you integrate your know-how individually into your tool setup.
  • Stellen Sie so die leistungsfähige Suche sowie Kategorisierung öffentlich bereit.
  • Make the powerful search as well as categorization publicly available.
  • Without compromising on formatting, reporting or search engine optimization (SEO).

This is how your portal could look like:

Online Suche