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Rush to get that system configured, muddle through a severely uninspired training session, and we’re out of here? No, way! That’s not how SABIO Consulting operates. We’re all about managing your knowledge, not just setting up another data repository. Same old system, different name? Not a chance! Our consultants are here to help you establish sustainable knowledge management processes. That goes way beyond software. It means collaboration, extensive experience, processes, and most of all, a SABIO deployment that matches your needs.

Consulting Team


Yes, we have standards, too. SABIO deployment consultation includes all the key aspects of getting started with knowledge management. We use these standards to give our consultation a solid foundation. Beyond that, we’re always open to whatever fun, innovative, or crazy ideas you can come up with. It all translates to projects that are less stressful and a superior ability to achieve the objectives that will make your knowledge management practices successful.

"We appreciate the consistently high quality of the support we have received from SABIO. Our consultant Kim Hofmann-Füchtner has been a delight. We’re impressed by his boundless enthusiasm, extensive experience with knowledge management, and ability to come up with the right solutions for our business."

Nicole Göldner, Project Manager at Weleda AG

"Thanks to the consistently good job they’ve done and the outstanding support—especially from Kim Hofmann-Füchtner—our issues always got resolved in a very professional way. We look forward to continuing the successful relationship we’ve had with the entire SABIO crew."


"K – Knowledgeable * I - Instrumental * M – a good Mentor We’ve been working closely with SABIO and our consultant, Kim Hofmann-Füchtner, for nearly three years now. He’s really been there for us all the way from the rollout to editor training. Whenever the going gets rough, he masterfully puts our SABIO ship back on course."

Anja Bischof, BGV Badische Versicherungen

"I’ve been working with SABIO since 2015. With Kim Hofmann-Füchtner, I was able to successfully deploy Sabio as a knowledge management tool. The tone was professional and friendly, it was like working with my peers. Kim Hofmann-Füchtner knows how to motivate every member of the team with his extensive knowledge and teaching ability, and that makes his projects successful. He provides the clear boundaries that introducing professional knowledge management requires. He also knows how to coordinate the team to systematically execute the project."

Tino Lentzen, Manager of Human Resources + Organization at SOKA DACH

"We were especially grateful for the on-site consultation that Sandy Förster provided us. The product rollout with the on-site consultant support made things a whole lot easier. This way, we were able to engage our employees on the topic of knowledge management and we had the right person available to answer any questions or address any doubts anyone had."


"Two years ago we started to rethink knowledge management in the BPO project CAPITA/ Freenet AG. The support by Stefan Schleussner as a consultant on site was the right choice for us. All involved colleagues felt picked up at any time and in very good hands. His many years of experience in knowledge management and the telecommunications industry helped us to find new solutions that are still an integral part of our workflow with SABIO today. This also includes the incredibly fast integration of SABIO content on the website and in the mobilcom-debitel app. The trusting cooperation and the teamwork have led to SABIO as a knowledge management tool becoming an accepted and solid help in the daily work with our customers within a very short time."

Thomas Beck, Head of Training and Knowledge Management BPO Capita Customer Services AG

"With the implementation of a new customer service system, the very dedicated support of Stefan Schleußner was a great help. This enabled us to ensure a smooth transition between the two systems, systematically familiarize ourselves with the new functions and familiarize the staff with the new system during a training session. Despite a tight schedule, our wishes and questions were answered with great flexibility, so that we felt well looked after throughout the project. The cooperation was always on a professional and at the same time friendly level."

Judith Wurm, Chefkoch GmbH

„When we decided at the end of 2018 to implement SABIO as a knowledge database in our Customer Contact Center area, we were faced with a major challenge in our company. Thanks to the competent support of our consultant Mr. Stefan Schleußner as consultant and coach we were able to master this challenge smoothly and successfully. Many tips, hints and experiences from him now help us in our daily work with SABIO. The rapid integration and user-friendly handling of SABIO have also contributed greatly to the effortless integration of this new knowledge management tool into our day-to-day business and to improving our customer service.“

Manuel Kolmitz, Projectmanager Customer Contact Center ATP Auto-Teile-Pöllath Handels GmbH

"The trusting and pragmatic cooperation with SABIO is a strong basis for innovative digitization projects. What we have put together here in just a few months under the heading "Scaling knowledge" is absolutely worth seeing and unique in many aspects. Alexander Holtappels and Stefan Schleußner are great companions, from "visioning" to "taking us on the road", who are always on hand with a deep understanding of us and our topics. The journey together has not only brought us to our destination, but has also been a lot of fun! I am looking forward to the next great projects with SABIO and to an interesting deep dive into the depths of AI."

Nicolai Hardt, AHead of Digitalization and Development Department Commerz Direktservice GmbH


Every project is different. We work with each of our customers to customize their knowledge tree, a feature we’ve become famous for. Because you are the expert on the knowledge that’s relevant to your business. We show you the best possible way to get that knowledge into SABIO. And—if you’d like—how to disseminate it as a FAQ page on your website, answers in your ticketing system, posts on your social media channels, or whatever else you can think of.



We want you to be successful long-term and keep making progress with knowledge management. Our customer success management is custom-tailored to your specific situation and will be there to support you even after your project goes live. Looking for new strategies? We’re happy to share everything from strategies for operative challenges to best practice solutions.