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What motivates us to get out of bed in the morning, and what course have we set? Learn all about our north star.


SABIO has supplied perfect knowledge management for customer service since 2000. In the summer of 2018, we became part of Serviceware SE. Despite offering comprehensive functionality, SABIO software is easy to use and integrate. In 2019, we launched Integrator, a revolutionary step towards Rethinking Knowledge Management. Because why waste time hunting information when you can find it instead?

We are working toward a future in which knowledge comes to you when you need it.

We love competent service. Service that turns questions into answers. Answers, however, require knowledge. And knowledge is created when information is available in the right context. At the exact moment you need it, we supply the right knowledge—tailored to the recipient, in exactly the right place.

Our intelligent and efficient solutions are made by people, for people.

We are passionate about our goals. We support and enable people. We share knowledge and encourage independence. We are all unique individuals with their own views. Fresh perspectives generate new ideas. New ideas lead to new goals and help us to overcome challenges.
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We serve people who serve other people
You have to be a service provider yourself to understand what it takes to succeed as one. Serving our customers is part of our DNA at SABIO. That’s why we understand our customers so well.
We’re here, we're available
We make sure our customers have a great experience with our product. We stand by them from their very first steps with SABIO and never leave their sides. We’re committed to making knowledge management a success for our customers. That’s why we’re always there for them — to listen or provide helpful input.
We concentrate in one thing
SABIO focuses exclusively on knowledge management and offering plug-and-play integration with other customer service systems. We are always interested in partnering with the makers of these applications to make SABIO as easy as possible for our customers to use.
There can only be one source of truth
To ensure reliable and current information, you need to have a single source of truth. Only this source is modified and updated. All customer channels such as calls, email, social media, and FAQs rely on this single source
Simple is simply better
And when it comes to usability, learned is learned. The goal is not to create a new and cool interface, but one that is completely natural. And efficient. That’s why we analyze every single click. Our goal is for SABIO to be the simplest knowledge management system in the world.
Knowledge that’s always on point
Knowledge should be available right where it’s needed—in whatever context the customer finds themselves in. That’s why we have always focused on integration. And with SABIO Integrator, we’ve gone one step further. Now, the system offers users predictive knowledge suggestions based on context. The Integrator also works out-of-the-box in any web application, making complex integration projects a thing of the past.