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5 Ways to create a great customer experience

Everybody’s talking about the great importance of customer experiences. With good reason. Because these days, customers are more influential. Their experiences with the company can easily be ...

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Employee leaving? The cost of knowledge loss and how to avoid it

It’s something HR deals with on a daily basis: a competent employee gets a new job elsewhere, takes parental leave, becomes ill, or retires. Company knowledge goes out the door with the employee, ...

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Fokus Auf Den Kunden: Wie Das Vorhaben Gelingt

The journey to customer centricity

Technological progress has put customers on a level playing field with businesses. Transparency has increased in modern businesses. Customers influence the image of companies and products with inc ...

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Das Perfekte Callcenter Braucht Das Richtige Personal

The perfect contact center agent – HR as a key to your customer

No contact center can do without a good knowledge database. But the people, the agents on the phone or at the keyboard, are at least as important. The way they treat customers has a considerable i ...

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