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With a staff of more than 3,700 specialists, Transgourmet caters food and non-food items to more than 35,000 clients within the food and beverage, hotel and hospitality industries. Learn how Transgourmet managed to improve their service-level-agreements (SLA) by nearly 40% when using SABIO knowledge management as their single-point-of-truth (SPOT) for customer service.

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Carnect is amongst the leading B2B rental car platforms and delivers first class and tailor-made customer service on a 24/7 basis. Learn how Carnect improved their KPI by cutting their average handling time (AHT) for call and email responses with SABIO knowledge management as their central hub to manage service content.

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With more than 4 million delivered parcels every day DPD Iloxx is one of the largest CEP service providers in Europe. 4 million parcels – that means 4 million customer contacts daily. Learn how DPD Iloxx is using SABIO knowledge management to improve important service KPIs such as response quality, average handling time (AHT), and overall service excellence.

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StepStone is one of the leading job platforms for all occupational fields and industries and serves around 60,000 customers with innovative e-recruiting solutions. StepStone introduced Serviceware Knowledge (SABIO) as "Stepedia" primarily for sales and customer service. 500 active users, almost 600 knowledge articles and constant further development led to success.

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Logo BGV Versicherungen

The BGV Badische Versicherungen (BGV) insurance group offers insurance cover for private, corporate and municipal customers throughout Germany. This also includes comprehensive customer service for all aspects of BGV policies. BGV provides its employees with the knowledge they need to process all customer concerns quickly and reliably using Serviceware Knowledge.

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Logos Deutsche Post DHL

As a customer service agent at Deutsche Post DHL – one of the largest logistics providers worldwide – you want all the pieces of information available to you exactly when and where you need them. The Serviceware Knowledge Base which is also accessible via browser plugin does exactly that for more than 3,500 agents and enables them to serve their customers excellently!

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